Delectable Waffles @ Famous Belgium Waffles

Established in September 16 2012, Famous Belgium Waffles is a common waffle household brand for the Philippines with over 600 outlets around the country.

I was visiting SM City Marilao when I came around this branch of Famous Belgium Waffles, and I was very interested in the huge variety of waffles for sale, ranging from the standard flavors such as Peanut Butter, Chocolate to their special “Perfect Combination” series & “Brownie Fudge Collection”.

When I first entered SM City Marilao for the first time, I knew I had to get something from this store!

Just check out that huge variety of flavors! I’m too spoilt for choices here lol

They also have savory selections on top of the sweet ones, accompanied with some delicious drinks.

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to get one waffle from each category!

The first flavor I got was the combination of Peanut Butter & Chocolate (₱75).

The peanut butter spread was relatively creamy, and topped up with the semi-sweet chocolate spread, I had a good time eating this~

The second flavor, from the Brownie Fudge Collection I got the Brownie Fudge Mallows (₱75)! Always been a big fan of chocolate, brownies and marshmallows, so I was pretty excited to give this a try too!

The waffle batter was made from a brownie mix, and surprisingly it didn’t taste overwhelmingly sweet together with the chocolate fudge, and I liked the balance in that!

The marshmallows provided a nice texture on top of the crunchy waffle and the dense filling, though they kept dropping out when I was trying to eat them.

The last flavor I got was the Strawberry Custard! (₱70).

Again, I would have thought this waffle would be very sweet, but the hint of acidity, mellow sweetness in the strawberry spread and the custard was a good combination!

Overall, I had a pleasant experience here, and I’d recommend this if you’re looking to settle your sweet cravings here!


MacArthur Hwy, Marilao, 3019 Bulacan, Philippines

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday; 10 a.m-9 P.M

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