Hello there, I’m Vin!

Something about me: I just love eating food

And in this time and age, I figured.. why not document my journey here on the digital space, for whoever is interested to see?

Founded at the start of 2023, I aspire to be one of the well-known food blogs out there, as I continue to write honest reviews throughout my journey of tasting food from whichever place I land in! I wish to explore more of Asia for starters, so look forward for some more posts in the upcoming future!

I am the sole owner of the YouTube Channels ©Vin Eats and ©Vin the Foodie, channels that showcase my journey in the world of food, from eating to making them!

Foodie Vin is an independent and stand-alone blog with no affiliation with any blogging company & management.

All images and text are © Foodie Vin and must not be used without permission. Should you wish to use any of my images and articles, please write in to vineats.contact@gmail.com for the rates